Wendy J. Murray (b.New Zealand)

Wendy Murray is a Sydney-based artist and arts educator. Her artworks are informed by her knowledge of street art and graffiti and her interest in psycho-geography and the concept of the derive, or unplanned journey.

Artist & printer Mike Powe looks on at The International Printing Museum, CA 2018  Photo: Louise Hyatt

Artist & printer Mike Powe looks on at The International Printing Museum, CA 2018  Photo: Louise Hyatt

Wendy was project coordinator for the MAY’S Lane Street Art project, 2008-2012. She currently lectures in Printmedia at Sydney College of the Arts and is a research assistant in Geography and Urban Studies at the Western Sydney University.

Murray’s teaching practice is also diverse, lecturing at National Art School, developing and facilitating the Mesh Mash outreach program in western Melbourne and delivering screen-printing classes at Megalo Print Studio, Canberra. Through her workshops, Murray seeks to establish crossovers and new relationships between community and institutions. For example, Mesh Mash, developed from the I’m A Local Project to seed a social enterprise. This socially engaged approach has led to workshop-focused residencies at the Lake Macquarie City Gallery and The Art Vault

Wendy Murray on political posters and unleashing collective power in Fresh Blood 
by Rebecca Shanahan
Art Guide Australia, January 2018

Banksy in the burbs by Wendy Murray
Art Guide Australia, May 2016

IMPRINT Magazine
Artist as Conduit by Antonia Aitken, WINTER 2015 VOLUME 50, NUMBER 2

Behind this smile

The Behind This Smile community art project was developed as part of the Racism. It Stops with Me Campaign with the aim to promote the value of cultural diversity in Hobsons Bay and to challenge cultural stereotypes.

2018 Printer in Residence, University of Sydney
2018 Hill End, NSW, AUS
2017 The Drawing Exchange, SA, AUS
2016 AIR ANU Printmedia Workshop, ACT, AUS
2016 Value the Artist, The Art Vault, VIC, AUS
2014 Bundanon Trust Residency, NSW, AUS
2012 AIR Lake Macquarie City Gallery, NSW, AUS
2010 Megalo Print Studio, ACT, AUS
2010 Hill End Residency, NSW, AUS

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Colby Country, Megalo, AUS
2017 Chartjunk, CCAS, AUS

Recent Group Exhibitions
2018 FEMINAE, ArtCenter, CA, USA
2017 The Drawing Exchange, SA, AUS
2017  It's Our Thing (Part II), NSW, AUS
2017 Amplify & Multiply, CO, USA
2016 Flag Wavering, SLOT, NSW, AUS
2016 Up Against the Wall, ANU, ACT, AUS

Selected Collections & Commissions
CSPG, Lake Macquarie City Gallery, Bundanon Trust, Blacktown Arts Centre