Fresh Blood: Redback Graphix and its Aftermath by Wendy Murray

Fresh Blood: Redback Graphix and its Aftermath
Curated by Stuart Bailey and Wendy Murray
OPENING 13 Jan 2018 | 2.00pm - 4.00pm
From 1979 to 1994 Redback Graphix was an icon of political expression in Australia. This screenprint collective served as a design agency for grass-roots political causes and its vibrant posters were plastered in public spaces throughout Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle. Today, these posters provide a unique insight into social issues of the 1970s and 80s and provide an inspiring model of political engagement for visual artists, designers and activists. Redback Graphix advocated for issues of importance to all Australians, but especially those whose voices were marginalised. They drew attention to economic inequality and support for Australians struggling with housing and the social welfare system. They advocated for fairness in the workplace, promoted union membership and focused on issues affecting migrant workers employed at BHP steelworks in Wollongong. They addressed issues affecting Indigenous Australians, promoting communication networks such as outback radio and Aboriginal art collectives. This retrospective of political graphics poses the question - are political posters still relevant in the age of social media? Alongside the classic Redback Graphix posters are contemporary artists working through the print medium advocating political agendas proving that the humble poster is still a relevant artform. 

Searching for Colby by Wendy Murray

 24 June - 5 November 2017 / photo's by Ben & Dorian 

24 June - 5 November 2017 / photo's by Ben & Dorian 

The Colby Poster Printing Company had an impact on visual culture in Los Angeles.... but exactly how much of an impact? I'm on a mission to find Colby posters in their natural habitat in movies and documentaries. 40 Movies into the project and I've found one post closure Colby and 3 near sightings - these will need to be confirmed. Again - I have seen some fantastic movies and spotted some incredible historic murals and graffiti. If you know of a Los Angeles based movie that features posters - please let me know! Special thanks to Ben at Film Club for his help & support.

Pulling posters from history - installation day! by Wendy Murray

Installing 'Pulling posters from history' , Newtown Art Seat, 1 September 2017
During September - November 2017, I will continue to document local histories and research poster makers of Sydney's Inner West and Western suburbs. If you have pulled your punches or know someone who has - please get in touch! Project instagram: @pullyourpunches

Thanks to the team at Inner West Council, Tom Helliwell (photographer), Nick & the installation team at Signwave Newtown.