More broken promises, National Art School Campus, Sydney, Australia (2015)
John Fekner and Don Leicht painted a number of Charlotte Street buildings with text based interventions in South Bronx, NY, August 1980, to coincide with the People's Convention. These agitprop stencils attempted to highlight the broken promises of institutions, state and local government. Closed schools, neglected properties, poor living conditions and lack of community services were expressed in the Charlotte Street works. 

Communicating beyond a local audience these works went national when (then) Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan, promising to rebuild the area, posed for photo's featuring the Fekner/Leicht painted  text 'DECAY' and BROKEN PROMISES. 

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made many promises. When I last checked the ABC tracker, he had broken 14. 

Abbott 2011: "It is an absolute principle of democracy that governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards." Check out the ABC Promise Tracker.

John Fekner/Don Leicht, Broken promises/Falsas Promesas, 1980, South Bronx, NY  
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