HMCT VOX POP Los Angeles / by Wendy Murray

HMCT VOX POP LA : Typographic Voices: Protest, Persuasion, Empowerment
March 10 2018
VOX POP examines how the voices of typography and design work to affect our world and influence our opinions. Join leading designers who visualize public opinion, movements, news, politics, and language. The VOX POP event presented FEMINAE - an exhibition of the typographic voices of women, by women. Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the HMCT, and the opening of the exhibition FEMINAE: Typographic Voices of Women by Women, posters from the archives of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics that examines issues such as feminism, choice, gender equality, war, immigration, and violence against women. Including works by Barbara Kruger, Sister Corita Kent, the Guerilla Girls and Wendy Murray. Photography: Matheo Cadena
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