Publication launch at the University of Sydney by Wendy Murray

Working from the Piscator Press Studio, Fisher Library, University of Sydney / Photo:  Sarah Lorien

Working from the Piscator Press Studio, Fisher Library, University of Sydney / Photo: Sarah Lorien

Please join us for a drink and some nibbles to celebrate the conclusion of Wendy’s action packed studio residency. Hear the artist speak about the residency, using the Piscator Press and all things letterpress. It’s also your chance to pick up a copy of the hand-bound publication Sydney - We Need to Talk! and a range of limited edition screen prints created during her residency. Sydney - We Need to Talk! sold out at the launch but we have kept a small number of books for this special event.

When: 6-8PM Thursday 20 September 2018
Print room and foyer area, Level 1,
Rare Books and Collections, Fisher Library
University of Sydney
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Setting lead takes time!! 
After the urban crew dropped by to review the book and sign-off on a few things, I've had time to set the first print. The crew commissioned a promo flyer and poster for the Festival of Urbanism launch. I have set the copy in Garamond Light Roman 12pt. This compliments the 24pt Grotesque (SYDNEY WE NEED TO TALK!) logotype developed last week. Last night I scanned and enlarged the type for the poster - we'll be printing it in 2 sizes; Colby (14" x 22") and Full Sheet Litho (102cm x 72cm). I'll start printing them today at SCA. The Colby size posters will be available on for sale on my website next week. #staytuned 

People have been asking - who are you collaborating with? Who are The Urban Crew? Well - here we are: Brittany Betteridge, Pratichi Chatterjee, Leah Emmanuel, Amy Fairall, Bradley Garrett, Mini Graff, Kurt Iveson, Rupert Legg, Sophia Maalsen, Marilu Melo, Wendy Murray, Madeleine Pill, Dallas Rogers, Jathan Sadowski, Alistair Sisson, Amanda Tattersall, Sophie Webber.

IT'S A WRAP - typesetting & printing by Wendy Murray

IT'S A WRAP is a response to the Second World War Soviet TASS window posters in the Australian War Memorial poster collection. For the text element of the poster, I've collaborated with local letterpress printer Matt Tilbury (The Tilbury Press) and expert type designer Kristian Molloy. The poster and drawings will be exhibited alongside commissioned works by poster legend Alison Alder, emerging artist Jake Holmes and propaganda posters from the Australian War Memorial. Propaganda, 20 April - 8 July 2018 at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery