Metabolic Studio

Metabolic - building gardens walls & new relationships by Wendy Murray

@rokhsands  with my 'Build a Garden Wall' poster, 2017 

@rokhsands with my 'Build a Garden Wall' poster, 2017 

Thanks to the team at CSPG, I had the incredible opportunity of spending an evening at Reimagine Everything print workshop, Metabolic Studio, in downtown Los Angeles. Thanks so much to Jen and the team for making me feel welcome and helping realise my hand drawn wall & water poster prints! 

Each Thursday, 5-9pm, the Metabolic Studio is hosting its print workshop, Reimagine Everything. The Metabolic Studio is open for those seeking a space to visualize what comes next in this urgent climate. At the Reimagine Everything print workshop, artists and community will find everything they  need to research, design, and silkscreen .... more >