IT'S A WRAP by Wendy Murray


Wendy Murray IT’S A WRAP, 2018

Propaganda: A selection of posters from the Australian War Memorial, displays many of the key posters designed to inflame public opinion and fashion public thinking during the war and, in some cases, generate a wave of recruits. The artworks have come from the Australian War Memorial collection - which has one of the world’s largest collections of historic propaganda posters.

The exhibition also includes commissions from three contemporary artists: Alison Alder, Wendy Murray and Jake Holmes, who responded to posters in the AWM the collection.

Propaganda is co-curated by Danny Lacy Senior Curator MPRG and Alex Torrens, Curator of Art, Australian War Memorial. Exclusively presented at MPRG, this project is timed to commemorate the centenary of the First World War 1914-1918.

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IT'S A WRAP - typesetting & printing by Wendy Murray

IT'S A WRAP is a response to the Second World War Soviet TASS window posters in the Australian War Memorial poster collection. For the text element of the poster, I've collaborated with local letterpress printer Matt Tilbury (The Tilbury Press) and expert type designer Kristian Molloy. The poster and drawings will be exhibited alongside commissioned works by poster legend Alison Alder, emerging artist Jake Holmes and propaganda posters from the Australian War Memorial. Propaganda, 20 April - 8 July 2018 at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Pulling posters from history - installation day! by Wendy Murray

Installing 'Pulling posters from history' , Newtown Art Seat, 1 September 2017
During September - November 2017, I will continue to document local histories and research poster makers of Sydney's Inner West and Western suburbs. If you have pulled your punches or know someone who has - please get in touch! Project instagram: @pullyourpunches

Thanks to the team at Inner West Council, Tom Helliwell (photographer), Nick & the installation team at Signwave Newtown.