Pulling posters from history - installation day! by Wendy Murray

Installing 'Pulling posters from history' , Newtown Art Seat, 1 September 2017
During September - November 2017, I will continue to document local histories and research poster makers of Sydney's Inner West and Western suburbs. If you have pulled your punches or know someone who has - please get in touch! Project instagram: @pullyourpunches

Thanks to the team at Inner West Council, Tom Helliwell (photographer), Nick & the installation team at Signwave Newtown. 

Newtown Art Seat - a contemporary public art space by Wendy Murray

Development of   Pulling posters from history ,  for the Newtown Art Seat

Development of Pulling posters from history, for the Newtown Art Seat

Developing the new installation work for the Newtown Art Seat. I'm really interested to uncover more Sydney poster makers, posters and stories. The work has been developed using a combination of letterpress and Letraset processes. The mini poster will be published at the completion of the installation period - stay tuned! If you have pulled your punches in the Inner West, Sydney - I want to hear from you - please get in touch!  

The Newtown Art Seat presents innovative contemporary art to the local community and provides artists and community groups with the opportunity to exhibit in public space for the purpose of experimental, non-commercial artistic outcomes.  

Colby and the movies by Wendy Murray

The research has begun ! Thanks to Ben at  Film Club , Darlinghurst AUS

The research has begun ! Thanks to Ben at Film Club, Darlinghurst AUS

The Colby Poster Printing Company had an impact on visual culture in Los Angeles.... but exactly how much of an impact? I'm on a mission to find Colby posters in their natural habitat in movies and documentaries. So far - 8 movies watched - I've come close but no confirmed sightings. However, I have seen some fantastic movies and spotted some incredible historic murals and graffiti.