Pulling posters from History  ,  (2017) Newtown, NSW Australia. Photo: Tom Helliwell at  Inner West Council , Sydney

Pulling posters from History, (2017) Newtown, NSW Australia. Photo: Tom Helliwell at Inner West Council, Sydney

Setting Letraset

Setting Letraset

Photo: Tom Helliwell at Inner West Council.

Photo: Tom Helliwell at Inner West Council.

Pulling posters from history 

September - November 2017
208.6 in x 75.1 / 530 cm x 191 cm
Location: Newtown Hub, NSW Australia

The Newtown Art Seat presents innovative contemporary art to the local community and provides artists and community groups with the opportunity to exhibit in public space for the purpose of experimental, non-commercial artistic outcomes.  

To ‘pull’ a screen print is the act of making, a physical action of expression. Despite changes in image reproduction technology, the poster remains a significant and powerful medium for artists, activists and commercial entities to communicate to a mass, public audience.

The Newtown Art Seat represents an investigation into poster making in Sydney's Inner West. Pulling posters from history celebrates the diversity and significance of Newtown and surrounding areas. 

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Sydney Poster history 

Australian Artists / Collectives / Groups featured (in no particular order):
Alice Hinton-Bateup, Colin Little, Redback Graphix , KEWL, Alison Alder, Tin Sheds Art Collective, Michael Callaghan, Pam Debenham, Garage Graphix Community Arts Group, Jan Fieldsend, Leonie Lane, Jan Mackay, Marie McMahon, Avril Quaill, Emily Valentine, Toni Robertson, Toby Zoates, EarthWorks Poster Collective, Gregor Cullen, Lucifoil Collective, Yanni Stumbles, Leeanne Donohoe, Chips Mackinolty, Mini Graff, Bob Clutterbuck, Angela Gee, Sheona White and Jean Clarkson.