Lincoln & VENICE

Lincoln and Venice is a delicate, meticulous drawing that documents the nails, staples and remnants of street posters from three street poles at the intersection of Venice and Lincoln Boulevards, Los Angeles, California.

 Drawing  Lincoln & Venice  Photo © 2018 Louise Hyatt

Drawing Lincoln & Venice Photo © 2018 Louise Hyatt

Drawing out Colby

This print, developed from a drawing, forms part of a body of work responding to the closure of the seminal Colby Poster Printing Company (1948 to 2012).

Working with the Colby archive at The International Printing Museum, my research led me beyond the museum, onto the pavement – where few Angeleños care to walk. Hours spent on L.A. buses, trains and footpaths – in search of long lasting, elusive, Colby posters in their natural habitat - leading me to the corner of Lincoln and Venice. No posters on these poles – only the relics; a multitude of nails, staples and remnants of posters firmly implanted in the wood structure.


Lincoln & Venice

Size: 55 x 35 cm (14" x 22")
Edition: 40
Medium: Screen print on metallic paper

Published by the students Pasadena City College, with direction from master printer John Miner, professors Kristin Pilon and David Cuatt.


This edition will be released at the Colby Country exhibition 14 June 2018