Posters & PRINTS

by Wendy Murray & collaborators #posters #prints #screenprints #etchings #letterpress 


Priority shipping 

Featured in the Blacktown Arts Centre exhibition It's Our Thing (Part II), Priority Shipping is a giant shipping label, attached to a 40ft shipping container...this container is home to the Garage Graphix archive....


Working Poor 

Poster collaboration with Los Angeles artist Dewey Tafoya. Working poor is a term more used more popularly in the United States than in Australia. Working poor is used to describe any individual who spends 27 weeks or more either looking for work or working but whose income falls below the poverty level... 



#changethedate is a collaboration with Sydney musician Tim Gray (Gumbaynggir) and Wendy Murray (Aotearoa).

“Tim and I first met when he invited me to chat with him about posters, street art and council policy on his awesome radio show Social Change on Koori Radio. That was a year ago....


giants & dodgers

Giants & Dodgers featured in a exhibition of nine Sydney artists considering the national symbol of the U.S.A and what underlies the American Project at the moment of that country’s cyclic rebirth, the Presidential election.... 

On the edge

On the Edge is a series of six etchings reflecting on the changing rural landscape of the Rural City of Mildura area. Drawn from Daily drawings and printed by Australian artist and printer Antonia Aitken at The Art Vault ...