Yes, Love is Hard Work  , (detail) 2018 Public Art Installation, Castlemaine, VIC Australia

Yes, Love is Hard Work, (detail) 2018 Public Art Installation, Castlemaine, VIC Australia

Following the positive theme set by local artist Steve Parsons earlier this year, this poster series contains a positive message but is also a protest poster. 


Love is hard work

1985 Corita was asked to design a postage stamp in 1980. After several years in limbo, the design is issued. The unveiling takes place on the Love Boat. Furious, Corita refuses to attend saying that was not the kind of love she meant. She had wanted the stamp to be unveiled at the United Nations. In response she makes the work love is hard work. 
- Corita Art Center, Los Angeles USA


This year celebrates 100 years since the birth of the most amazing women I (unfortunately) didn't get the chance to meet, Corita Kent (1918-1986). 



The artwork covers twenty meters of wall and has transformed the laneway. 

Screen printing some  LOVE  at  SCA  

Screen printing some LOVE at SCA 

Title: Yes, Love is Hard Work 
Year: 2018
Installation: 4 May - 14 June
Medium: 62 Hand printed posters on 90gsm litho
Location: Mechanics Lane,
(opposite the Castlemaine Library)
Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia 

Setting the Letraset (dry-transfer typefaces

Setting the Letraset (dry-transfer typefaces

This work is the second of a series of works commissioned by the Mount Alexander Shire Council for the popular lane way.

This exhibition has been supported by the Mount Alexander Shire Council, with special thanks to Waverley Council Artist Studios & SCA.