Wendy murray

Wendy Murray is a Sydney-based artist and arts educator. Her artworks are informed by her knowledge of street art and graffiti and her interest in psycho-geography and the concept of the derive, or unplanned journey….more

Newtown Art Seat installation, Newtown, NSW Australia. Photo: Tom Helliwell at Inner West Council, Sydney

Newtown Art Seat installation, Newtown, NSW Australia. Photo: Tom Helliwell at Inner West Council, Sydney

Pulling posters from history

The Newtown Art Seat presents innovative contemporary art to the local community and provides artists and community groups with the opportunity to exhibit in public space for the purpose of experimental, non-commercial artistic outcomes.  

My work for the Art Seat is an investigation into poster making in the Newtown area. Pulling posters from history celebrates the diversity and significance of Newtown, providing the ideal context to pay homage to poster makers, past and present. 

During September - November 2017, I will continue to document local histories and research poster makers of the Inner West. If you have pulled your punches or know someone who has - please get in touch
Project instagram: @pullyourpunches


Value the artist

Collaboration with Mildura artist and sign writer Terry (Moose) McGowan of McGowan Signs, Mildura VIC, Australia. Over a 10 day residency, Moose and I worked together developing two installations that responded to both the current pre-election economic and social climate in Australia… view project



As International AIR at Hamilton Ink Spot, USA AIN'T OK! reflects the pre-election atmosphere in the US (September 2016). This body of work was developed using both letter press and serigraph processes … view project


pull a fat 1!, 2016

Pull a fast 1!, 2016 Two colour screen print on French Kraft Pop-Tone 100# cover (Sweet Tooth)
Size: 62x44cm, Edition: 5
Men working with silk screen, Federal Art Project, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis c.1942. Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society.


Damn empty? damn right!

Dam Empty? Damn Right! reflects on the legacies of agitprop visual art practices of street posters, zine production and performative public action to draw attention to climate change, infrastructural failure and state mismanagement of the water systems in rural New South Wales… view project

Writing| Banksy in the burbs

Art Guide Australia, May 2016, by Wendy Murray
Along the high street, centipede-like lengths of glass company stickers run down the edges of shop windows. On David Lane, tucked in amongst the cluster of sans serif contact details is a very clever sticker by Rizot & KEWL… read the article